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Prasutitantra Avum Stree Roga

Prasutitantra Avum Stree Roga

Sanskrit Samhita Siddhanta

Prasutitantra Avum Stree Roga

Prasuti and Stree rog branch of Ayurveda mainly deals with ideal guidelines to be followed during pregnancy. The mother should be healthy as her health is directly related to the health of the new born under the branch of Kaumarbhritya (Balrog).

The gynaecology and obstertrics come under the streams of Strirog and Prasuti Tantra respectively. Ayurveda also states the ideal guidelines that are supposed to be followed in order to accomplish complication free delivery that is garbhini paricharya.

This branch also deals with symptoms and remedies of diseases related particularly to women. Gynecology is an important branch of medicine, which provides knowledge about special diseases and abnormalities found in women. It also refers to the surgical expertise acquired for the health of a woman’s reproductive system (uterus, vagina and ovaries).

Basically it’s about women’s science.This also includes various diseases of female like Anartav, Artav Kshaya, Artav Dushti, Asrugdar,Vandhyatwa, Garbhashaya Shotha, Cysts related to Beeja Granthi, Shroni Shoth (Pelvic Inflammation),Rajah Kruchrata (Dysmenorrhea), etc.

The Prasuti Section of the Department provides AyurvedicMedical Care and Treatment for various conditions of pregnant women like Garbhini Parikshana (Antenatal care), Garbhini Paricharya, Prasav Karma, Sutika Paricharya and Mahila Kalyana.

The Department also performs various Ayurvedic procedures like Uttara Basti (Vaginal, Intrauterine, Intravesicle), Kshara Karma, Yoni Prakshalan, Pichu, Anuvasan Basti, Pottali etc. to Female Patients as a part of treatment. Various surgical procedures such as EB, Polypectomy, Tubal ligation, Hysterectomy (Abdominal and Vaginal) and Caesarean Section are also carried out frequently and contraception like Cu-T is advised to patients for family planning purposes.