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Sanskrit Samhita Siddhanta


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The subject Kaumarbhritya tantra (Balrog) stands for, Neonatology and Pediatrics in Ayurved. The fact that ‘Kaumarabhritya is the foremost branch amongst the basic eight specialties’ of Ayurveda, highlights its importance.

The scope of the subject ranges from conception of the fetus until late adolescence. “Kaumarbhritya” a word derived from two words i.e. “Kaumara” means children and “Bhritya” means to ‘take-care of’.

It focuses on all aspects of nursing and healthy upbringing of newborns, infants and children by holistic approach for better progeny and society. The first exclusive text book of Kaumarabhritya viz. Kashyapa Samhita dated 6 th Century BC.mentioned it as a branch which describes the methods of bringing up the children, purification of breast milk of mother, diseases arising from taking the vitiated breast milk and their treatment.

He has mentioned all the important concepts of Kaumarbhritya like Navjata Paricharya (care of new born), Stanyaguna, Stanyapanavidhi (breast feeding),t/t of Stanya Nasha, Shishu Poshana and Rakshana. According to Acharya the every effort should be made to protect the child from Grahroga.

Concept of Neonatal Care (Navjata Shishu Paricharya)

It describes in detail the care of a baby after birth including ulva parimarjana (cleaning of the vernix caseosa), pranapratyagaman (resuscitative measures), naal chhedan (cutting of umbilical cord),snana (bathing), pichu dharan (external oleation),swarnaprashan (ingestion of gold bhasma with medhya herbs), garbhodaka vamana (cleaning of stomach by emesis) and jata karma (initiation of feeding of newborn). Just after birth, vernix of baby should be removed by using saindhava (rock salt) and ghee. This dries the baby, gives sufficient tactile stimulus for breathing and prevents hypothermia.